ZEF Bash 2022 AmFund Trips

Find Your Next Big Adventure

Bid on these fantastic trips of a lifetime! Trips are offered by our partner nonprofit AmFund, and a portion of your bid helps fund ZEF grants to support our schools. Bid in person at ZEF Bash or online anytime via Qtego (register here!)

You have three years with no blackout dates to take your trip, and an AmFund concierge will help you make all the arrangements. Explore a part of the US or the world that you haven’t seen before and get ready for your next big adventure.

2022 Trips of a Lifetime

These trips include airfare:

These trips do not include airfare:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about AmFund Trips:

    • Can I add additional travelers? Each trip is Designed for 2 travelers, however many of our winners choose to add additional couples to travel with or children/family.  Your Travel Specialist will be more than happy to help you add additional people to your trip. If you have additional couples who would like to join you or purchase their own trip, all they need to do is match your winning bid and we will put a trip together for them and send an additional donation to the organization you are supporting!
    • Can we extend the trip or add different destinations? Yes, your Travel Specialist would be happy to get you a quote for any excursions, destinations, or an extension of your trip at the beginning or end of your trip.
    • Are the trips transferable? Yes, many of our donors win trips with the intention of gifting them to their children, grandchildren, or parents for special occasions (such as a wedding or anniversary).
    • Why can’t you tell me what specific accommodations we will be staying in? “Because you have the freedom to book your trip anytime within the next 3 years, the last thing we want to do is tell you that you will be staying in “x” hotel and find out that in a year or two, or three, that “x” hotel has been downgraded or under construction. AmFund wants to give you the freedom to choose your travel dates when it is convenient for you AND stand by the quality of the accommodations (4* and 5* accommodations rated by Trip Advisor.)
    • What airlines do you use?  For trips that include airfare, we use the airline partner that provides the best service to your destination and your specific trip. We do not use charters or unlicensed carriers. Flights will never be booked without your written approval. (partner examples: American, Delta, United, British Airway etc.)
    • What class of airfare do we fly? Flights start in Main Cabin however, your Travel Specialist is happy to get you a quote to upgrade.
    • Are my taxes included in the winning bid?  Because of the flexibility to book your trip over the next three years, your taxes will be assessed at the time of your booking.