Need help with your grant application?

The process can be a little tricky—especially for a first-time applicant—but we’re here to help. If you still have questions after downloading and reading the forms relevant to your grant, call our office at 317.733.4805 or email.

Tips on Writing a Successful Grant Proposal

  • Start by downloading all relevant materials, and thoroughly reading the guidelines for your grant. Follow all indicated protocol when writing your proposal. If you still have questions, call 317.733.4805 or email for assistance.
  • Focus on your project’s impact, and describe the results you hope to achieve. Explain how many students your project will affect and/or how deeply it will affect them.
  • If you have a good idea that you can’t seem to flesh out, don’t give up. It may help to share your idea with other people (including ZEF staff), who can offer suggestions on how to transform a vague concept into a fundable proposal.
  • After you have written your grant proposal, run it past another person (a fellow teacher, for example, or a school administrator) and get their feedback before turning it in to ZEF.
  • Even if your grant proposal is denied, ZEF will provide specific feedback. You can always resubmit your proposal for consideration in the next semester.