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ZEF 2020 Imagine Professional Development and Strategic Initiative Grants Announced

The Zionsville Education Foundation (ZEF) is pleased to announce a total of $21,586 in Imagine Professional Development and Strategic Initiative Grants to educators in the Zionsville Community Schools (ZCS). ZEF awarded six Imagine Professional Development grants totaling $14,836 and one Strategic Initiative Grant for $6,750.  Grant applications were submitted by educators and reviewed by the Imagine Grants Committee prior to the stay at home orders in Indiana. Grants were awarded via conference call.

Imagine Grant recipients will explore new ideas in the areas of mathematics, global learning, technology, cultural understandings, and Professional Learning Communities.  These recipients represent learning at every level (K-12) in the district.

Through the Strategic Initiative Grant, elementary administrators will attend training at the Teachers’ College at Columbia University to help lead the implementation of the Reading and Writing Units of Study to the ZCS balanced literacy framework for all kindergarten through fourth graders across the district.

Congratulations to the 2020 ZEF Imagine Professional Development and Strategic Initiative Grant recipients:

Imagine Professional Development Grants

Tom Hundley & Andrew Foreman (Pleasant View Elementary and Eagle Elementary)
Grant: Learning about Systems and Structures to Strengthen Student Supports

Sarah Schermerhorn and Cindy Hamlow (Boone Meadow Elementary)
Grant: Living and Learning Globally

Andy Knueven (Zionsville West Middle School)
Grant: ISTE 2020 for You & Me

Liz Ferrand (Zionsville West Middle School)
Grant: Mastering Mathematics Instruction at NCTM

Ellen Jenkins (Zionsville West Middle School)
Grant: Updating Mathematical Best Practice Through NCTM

Kelly Antcliff and Amy Conrad (Zionsville Middle School and Zionsville Community High School)
Grant: Global Educators Conference

ZEF Strategic Initiative Grant

ZCS Elementary Administrators
Grant: Leading Literacy by Learning

Isaac Spillman (ZCS and Zionsville Performing Arts Center)
Grant: ZCS Video Production, Recording, and Live Streaming System

For a description of each grant awarded, click here.

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