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ZEF 2022 Spring Classroom Grants Announced

The Zionsville Education Foundation (ZEF) is excited to announce $14,445 in Imagine Professional Development Grants to (ZCS) educators. Imagine Grants invest in our teachers by providing professional growth and renewal opportunities. These grants will enable ZCS educators to explore a wide variety of opportunities that will expand their knowledge about literacy, psychology, nature-based learning, youth leadership and service learning, financial literacy, and Project Lead the Way. In addition, Terry Rowe will be recognized for PLTW National Outstanding Teacher and he and Gary Werner will present at the PLTW National Summit. Kelly Antcliff will attend the National Service-Learning conference and will showcase ZCS’s ‘Do Days’ program.

Special thanks to the Barth Family Fund for their generosity that made many of these grants possible.

Congratulations to ZEF’s 2022 Imagine Professional Development Grant recipients:

Allison Spillman and Tara Morrell – Stonegate Elementary ($3,175)
Plain Talk About Literacy and Learning Conference
Provides the opportunity to attend one of the premier literacy conferences in the country to learn about the latest research in reading and literacy.

Amanda Harmon – Zionsville Community High School ($2,200)
Teacher Becomes Student Again…After 23 Years
Supports attendance at the National Institute for the Teaching of Psychology.  The conference brings together an impressive group of college and high school psychology teachers for teaching demos, lectures on current research, and professional development.

Gary Werner, Terry Rowe, and Andy Seward – Zionsville Middle School ($3,786)
Project Lead the Way (PLTW) National Summit
ZMS PLTW teachers will attend the premier gathering of PLTW’s network of teachers, school administrators, and business, university, and community leaders. In addition, the ZMS program is being recognized for distinguished School Program Award, Mr. Rowe will be recognized for PLTW National Outstanding Teachers, and Mr. Rowe and Mr. Werner will present at the conference. 

Kyla McDaniel – Stonegate Elementary ($519)
Secret Stories Phonics
Provides training and materials for the Secret Stories program to enhance phonics and writing instruction by adding engaging brain-based strategies. Students will learn short stories to go along with phonics rules to make reading and writing fun and easy.

Melissa Wirth – Pleasant View Elementary ($700)
Take it Outside
Enables attendance at the Nature-Based Early Learning Conference to learn about tools to infuse nature in all aspects of the school day and emphasize inquiry-based learning.

Gil Speer – Zionsville Community High School ($2,590)
Master Financial Coach
Mr. Speer will broaden his knowledge base of personal finance and learn financial behaviors that will allow students to be financially sound throughout their life by becoming a Master Financial Coach.

Kelly Antcliff – Zionsville Middle School ($1,475)
Expanding Knowledge and Resources for Youth Leadership and Service-Learning
Attendance at the National Service-Learning Conference will provide additional resources and ideas to further encourage and enhance service-learning in our school community. Ms. Antcliff will also present at the conference to showcase ZCS’s ‘Do Days’ program.

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