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ZEF 2019 Fall Classroom Grants Announced

The Zionsville Education Foundation is excited to announce thirteen 2019 ZEF Fall Classroom Grant awards totaling $28,068.11.  The thirteen grants fund innovative ideas from Zionsville Community Schools (ZCS) teachers and administrators across multiple areas including literacy, STEM, creative technology use for the classroom, social and emotional learning, and cultural understandings.  This year’s Fall Classroom Grants cycle was powered by a generous $25,000 donation from the Duke Energy Foundation.

The thirteen grants were awarded to teachers on Tuesday, October 8 by the ZEF Prize Patrol which surprised  teachers in their classrooms.  The 2019 Fall Classroom Grants promote learning, creativity, and social and emotional learning at all levels.  ZEF Classroom Grants, awarded in the Fall and Spring each year, are chosen by a committee comprised of ZEF Board members and Zionsville community members.

Congratulations to the 2019 ZEF Fall Classroom Grant recipients:

Fall Classroom Grants

Molly Seward (Pleasant View Elementary)
Grant: If You’re NOT From Zionsville

Kris Devereaux (Boone Meadow, Eagle, Pleasant View, Stonegate)
Grant: Promoting Cultural Understandings Through Literature

Michael DeLand (Zionsville West Middle School)
Grant: ZWMS VEX IQ Robotics Team

Leslie Daugherty and Shannon Hall (Pleasant View Elementary)
Grant: Playing and Learning Outdoors

Sarah Livengood (Zionsville West Middle School)
Grant: Spring Brook Farms Equine Assisted Learning Project

Joy Manna (Union Elementary)
Grant: The 21st Century Untethered Teacher

Amy Ertel, Erin Manifold, Jeremy Skura (Zionsville Middle School)
Grant: Mindfulness Toolbox

Kim Gray and Jonann Lamaster (Boone Meadow Elementary)
Grant: Reading the World

Molly Haas with Eagle Kindergarten Teachers (Eagle Elementary)
Grant: Outdoor Playscape

Kyla McDaniel (Stonegate Elementary)
Grant: Purposeful Play

Jessica Weir (Zionsville West Middle School)
Grant: Chill Zone

Molly Seward (Pleasant View Elementary)
Grant: 1 iPad 26 Scholars? YES!

Maggie Owens, Katie Pullen, Michelle Weesies (Pleasant View Elementary)
Grant: Creating with Kiwi Co. Crates

For a description of each grant awarded, click here.

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