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ZEF 2021 Fall Classroom Grants Announced

The Zionsville Education Foundation (ZEF) awarded $26,640.89 in Classroom Grants to nineteen Zionsville Community Schools (ZCS) educators.  The 2021 Fall Classroom Grants fund innovative projects in every grade, across all eight ZCS schools. These grants were made possible by generous donations from Duke Energy Foundation, Barth Family Fund, and individual ZEF donors.

In addition to touching every school in the district, the 2021 Fall Classroom Grants fund creative projects across multiple disciplines including STEM, literacy, the arts, cognitive and motor skills, social sciences, and technology. The eleven grants will impact more than 7,000 students this school year with many projects providing students with unique learning experiences for years to come. The academic benefits from these grants will be felt by a huge number of current and future ZCS students.

A detailed description of each grant can be found here:
2021 Fall Classroom Grants

Congratulations to the 2021 ZEF Fall Classroom Grant recipients:

Seeing the Little Things with a Microscope Camera and Monitor – Andy Seward, Melissa Betustak, and Alex Truex, Zionsville Middle School ($464.03)

Calling All Entreprenueurs – Stephanie Martinelli & Laura Czerwionka, Pleasant View Elementary ($3,072.72)

Firing Up Creativity – Sarah West, Zionsville Middle School ($3,750)

Talk of the Town (Building Language Background for ZCS English Language Learners) – ZCS English as a New Language Teachers, Kris Barksdale, Julie Luker, Mandy Keller, Cathy Patel ($1,000)

Supporting Reading and Social Studies in All Elementary Schools – Christine Squier for all ZCS Elementary Schools ($11,678.16)

Orchestra Technology Tools – David Schurger, Zionsville Community High School ($1,927)

Brain/Body in Balance with Sensory Pathways – Deborah Torrance, Stonegate Elementary ($676.12)

Increasing Curiosity by Increasing Literacy – Jenna Snow, Zionsville Middle School ($1,398.25)

Playing Monopoly Can Teach You About Money & Business – Gil Speer, Zionsville Community High School ($650)

“Why are they doing that?!” – Abby Andries and Jessica Wetzel ($731.61)

Pickle Ball for PE – Steve Simmons and Trisha Smart, Zionsville West Middle School ($1,293)

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