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ZEF 2019 Spring Classroom and Student Enrichment Grants Announced

The Zionsville Education Foundation (ZEF) is excited to announce $18,525 in grants to Zionville Community Schools (ZCS).  Seven Classroom Grants and two Student Enrichment Grants were awarded to teachers and students bringing the total awarded through ZEF grants and strategic initiatives in the 2018-19 school year to $97,805.

The 2019 Spring Classroom Grants include funding for STEM classroom technology, foreign language experiential learning, social and emotional learning, innovative computer coding technology, physical conditioning feedback devices, and instructional tools to facilitate flexible learning.

ZEF also funded two Student Enrichment Grants that give ZCS students the opportunity to travel and compete in international competitions.  The ZCHS Robotics Team’s success this year gave them the chance to compete in the VEX Robotics World Championships in Louisville, KY the weekend of April 26 and the Future Problem Solving teams comprised of seven ZCHS students earned a chance to compete at the International Competition in June.  ZEF Student Enrichment Grants provide matching funds to these groups for help with the costs associated with these unique academic-related opportunities.

Congratulations to the 2019 ZEF Spring Classroom Grant and Student Enrichment Grant recipients:

Spring Classroom Grants

Andy Seward (Zionsville Middle School)
Grant: Digital Science Probes and SPARKvue Grant

Allison Manwell (Zionsville West Middle School)
Grant: En el mercado

Kyle Beimfohr (All ZCS Schools)
Grant: Coding with a “Spectrum” of Sound and Color

Mikayla Koharchik (Zionsville Middle School)
Grant: Habitudes – Making a Habit of Attitude

Amy Emkow and Scott Turnquist (Zionsville Community High School)
Grant: Performance Enhancement through Speed Development

Stephanie Barrientos (Zionsville West Middle School)
Grant: Untethered Tech: Utilizing Mobile Technology to Maximize Student Learning

Krista Hoffman (Zionsville Middle School)
Grant: 5th Grade School Counselor Small Groups

Student Enrichment Grants:

ZCHS Robotics Club (Zionsville Community High School)
Grant: Vex Robotics World Championships

Future Problem Solving Teams (Zionsville Community High School)
Grant: FPS International Conference

For a description of each grant awarded, click here.

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