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ZEF 2020 Classroom Grants Announced

The Zionsville Education Foundation is excited to announce 2020 Fall Grant awards to Zionsville Community Schools teachers, administrators, and staff totaling $26,526.83.  These twenty grant awards result from direct teacher feedback on their immediate needs and creative ideas during this unprecedented time in our world and in education.

Congratulations to the 2020 ZEF Fall Grant recipients:

Taking Video Production the Next LevelIsaac Spillman, Zionsville Community Schools ($14,584)
Equipment to assist with the streaming and recording of events across the district and to introduce students at all levels to video production.
*This grant was made possible by a major gift from the Alderson Family Foundation.

 Taking Science Outdoors – Erika Sorrells, Boone Meadow Elementary ($865)
STEM supplies for outdoor kindergarten learning.

Tools for Health – Garrett Stephens, Boone Meadow Elementary ($100)
Materials to increase Wellness class options due to CoVID-related equipment usage guidelines.

Expanding Wellness – Chris Squier on Behalf of the ZCS Elementary Wellness Teachers ($1,312)
A set of Wellness books for each elementary school to support connections to wellness topics and to aid asynchronous Wellness instruction.

Bringing Designs into 3DMichael DeLand, Zionsville West Middle School ($1,600)
Provides 3D printers and filament allowing Project Lead the Way students to complete the design and modeling units by printing their prototypes.

Sharing Knowledge Shannon Eaton, Zionsville West Middle School ($318.60)
Start-up funds for a professional development library for teachers and staff.

Connecting Virtual LearnersMonica Soel, Zionsville West Middle School ($51)
An iPad cart to increase teacher mobility within the classroom and project the classroom for virtual learners.

Tales from the Odyssey – Dawn Zerbe, Zionsville West Middle School ($121.51)
Additional copies of the book Tales from the Odyssey for use during the Ancient Greece unit of study and to supplement shortfall due to CoVID protocols.

Gimkit SubscriptionJenna Snow, Zionsville Middle School ($59.88)
Software that enables a new way to follow student academic progress in the current environment.

Click into LearningAlexandria Truex, Zionsville Middle School ($250)
Provides increased mobility for teachers in the classroom through PowerPoint clickers.

Cultural Understandings Book Club Emily Wleklinski, Zionsville Middle School ($261.60)
Novels for the creation of a book club for 6th-8th graders that studies the elements of cultural identity through a diverse collection of literature.

iPads for Individual LearningKelly Hine, Union Elementary ($1,854)
iPads to help differentiate learning material for students and facilitate simultaneous small groups.

Recharging Robotics – Trish Brimmer, Union Elementary ($645)
Rechargeable batteries for STEM robotics unit enabling use by multiple classes in each day and additional distancing within classes.

Braille Books and Board – Tommie Roesch, Zionsville Community Schools ($100)
Materials to assist students with visual needs including books in Braille and a magnetic board for math practice.

Building the FutureAmy Brandau, Pleasant View Elementary ($1,000)
Set of 22 different types of building materials allowing STEM classes to continue to build, create, and play within current CoVID guidelines.

Growing through DISCLynn Kissel, Zionsville Community Schools  ($250)
Provides DISC assessments for ten people in the district as part of a new initiative.

Pickleball for AllAmy Emkow, Zionsville Community High School ($1599)
A four-court Pickleball set brings indoor racquet sports to high school wellness classes.

Reach for Fitness and FunJulie Speer, Zionsville Community High School ($400)
Sit and reach flexibility tester and portable speaker with microphone for fitness motivation.

Parlay for Knowledge Ann Bender, Zionsville Community High School ($160)
Teacher license for Parlay to support all learning scenarios.

Muscle into Science Cindy King, Zionsville Community High School ($995)
Anatomical muscle model for the anatomy and physiology classes.

Total 2020 Fall Grants Funded:  $26,526.83

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