A message from our president.

I am excited to serve as President of the ZEF Board and continue our long history of supporting ZCS teachers, students, and schools. Broad community support enables ZEF to fund grants that help teachers dream big and provide innovative educational experiences for their students.

As ZEF celebrates our 25th anniversary, I look forward to working with my fellow Board members and the ZEF staff to increase our impact and build for the future.


Challis Imes
Zionsville Education Foundation

Meet the ZEF Board

Executive Committee:

Mark Pascarella, President
Kim Lewis, Vice President
Erica Carpenter, Secretary
Chris Mingus, Finance Co-chair
Amanda Black, Finance Co-chair
Challis Imes, Past President

Board Members:

Kristin Champa
Amy Essley
Andrea Fonseca
Ami Fraser
Maritza Gerde
Heather Jackson
Theresa Knipstein Meyer
Jane Louiso
Larry Marietta
Andrea Spahn-McGraw
Jenni Phenicie
Katy Ruhl
Mike Schumaker
Jeff Sepiol
Brant Wright

Ex-Officio Members:

Dr. Scott Robison
Debbie Ungar


Lyle Browne, Executive Director
Julie Bradley, Development and Events Manager