A message from our president.

When I was elected to be president of the Zionsville Education Foundation, I felt deeply honored. But even more than that, I felt a sense of excitement.

In my previous years as a ZEF board member, I saw firsthand the many ways in which our grants helped to make a real difference in Zionsville’s schools. With the support of our ZEF staff, I am looking forward to continuing and expanding ZEF’s services in the months ahead—while helping more teachers, students and community members fully understand and participate in our mission.


Katie Aeschliman
Zionsville Education Foundation

Meet the ZEF Board

Executive Committee:

Katie Aeschliman, President
Challis Imes, Vice President
Beth Ann Kaltenmark, Secretary
Chris Mingus, Finance Co-Chair
Mark Pascarella, Finance Co-Chair
Missy Copher, Past President

Board Members:

Amanda Black
Erica Carpenter
Amy Dohm
Amy Essley
Dean Esteves
Ami Fraser
Maritza Gerde
Megan Glover
Theresa Knipstein Meyer
Kim Lewis
Jane Louiso
Jeff Sepiol
Angie Shaw
Andrea Suh
Brant Wright

Ex-Officio Members:

Dr. Scott Robison
Jane Burgess


Lyle Browne, Executive Director

Julie Bradley, Development and Events Manager